Thursday, October 30, 2008

Go Speed Racer!
Tom's current obsession...Love the old school cartoons

When I asked Thomas what it was he wanted to blog about first, he said "Speed Racer Mommy!" So we did a u-tube search for his favorite clip....this is what he watches all the time!

"Go fast, Go fast!!!! Yay...Speed Racer wins!" Thomas screams this as he plays with his speed racer hot wheels track (daily, or hourly I should say!)
"Go Go Go Speed, Speed Racer Go!" Thomas version of the theme song which I will try and video shortly...way cute!
- Thomas
Mighty Morphin Power Rangers....

Mommy can my first blog be about...power rangers?
If you know Harry that comes as no surprise!

Mom - "Harry what is it you love about Power Rangers so much?"
Harry - "They are super hero's who save the world from the bad guys! They do power kicks and help people. They have special powers and they are my friends!"

Opening credits, which both boys sing a thousand times a day...
Also, did you know they have a video clip

By the way if you watch these clips, the blue ranger is Harry! He is totally convinced that it is him!